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So for my internship at Geek and Sundry, I mostly did analytics, but also learned a ridiculous amount about channel management and optimization from my supervisor.  Thus, I have decided to take that and basically become the YouTube pro on campus.  I recently became the channel manager for Claremont Colleges TV (hosted on YouTube), and have also been in talks with Silvousplaits of Game of Thrones hairstyling fame to help optimize her channel next semester (we will be abroad in the same place).  I’m also applying to help run the channel for the Scripps newspaper: The Voice, but have not heard back from them yet.

Claremont Colleges TV is planning on hosting a couple of original series, and Silvousplaits wants to take up vlogging, as well as incorporating more social media into her work, so we’ll see how it goes! (I even designed her a website instead of doing hw I don’t know if I’ll end up in the entertainment industry (I just know I like technology), but I figure I might as well hone the skills I developed at Geek & Sundry until I figure out my path!



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