Launch of Scripps Professionals Network


Paul Orlando inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs

So this has been brewing for awhile in the Scripps community, but I and some other Scrippsies have finally pushed it to a boil.  We noticed that although Scripps is phenomenal in terms of the arts and humanities departments, they seem to be lacking in business, financial, and technology.  This makes sense due to the fact that we have CMC, a business school, and Harvey Mudd, and engineering college next door, but what it also means is that there is no community on Scripps campus for these interests.  Scripps Professionals Network aims to change that.  It is currently a coalition formed by Scripps Women in Technology, Innovate @ Scripps (entrepreneurship and business), and Scripps Women in Finance and Consulting. It is meant to be a society/social group sharing resources and knowledge.


Packed house at the LinkedIn workshop

This past Friday we hosted our first two joint events: a speaker who helped shape the Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem, and a LinkedIn workshop to help Scrippsies learn to use the website better.  We advertised heavily on facebook, and had a larger turn-out then expected (yay!).  Unfortunately the year is wrapping up, which means we probably won’t be doing much more this semester.  I look forward to seeing how it develops next semester, though!


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