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Idealab Product Team Intern

First week at Idealab!  For those of you who don’t know, Idealab has been my dream internship ever since I became interested in startup culture, and after two interviews while traveling Europe (and accidentally locking myself out of my hostel room during one of them), I managed to secure it.  A little context: Idealab is a Startup Incubator in Pasadena, meaning they take the very beginnings of business ideas and test them (using lean methodology) to see if they would survive as companies.


Out of over 100 applications, our supervisors chose a team of 7 (only 6 actually work here now, the 7th one couldn’t get a visa).  We have Amol, a USC student from India who is incredibly clever in terms of questioning things instead of just accepting ‘that’s just the way they are’ ; Harrison, also from USC but originally from Hong Kong who is already working on his own business called Study Bloc; Dana, a phenomenal graphic and UX designer who is also an engineer from Stanford; Adam, a CS major from Vanderbilt; and Andrew, a finance guru from Columbia.


Our skills complement each other nicely, and I’ve really been enjoying working with them so far.  We’ve just started a project called [name redacted until project complete] where we are trying to get a subscription service for gadgets off the ground.  Basically every month for a small fee you’ll get a box with some cool gadgets inside. We’re just starting off with building a website to see if anyone is interested, and we’ll see how it goes from there.  I’m taking point on the project (essentially becoming the product manager), so I hope it works out!