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My Summer!

All the photos that I don’t want to make into separate posts but I’d like to remember

Old LA Zoo/Griffith Park

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Anime Expo

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Waterfall Adventure

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Outdoor Film and Food Festival

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Justin’s 21st Birthday

Now this gets a little more explanation because it’s super important to me, we ended up getting sushi together and then wandering around Little Tokyo/LA and chatting about everything and anything before finishing by going to Boba 8, an awesome alcoholic boba speakeasy.

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Wearable Tech LA


Because I tend to do things just to try them out, I decided to apply to run social media for the Wearable Tech LA conference in Pasadena this week, and got the job! (You can read my posts here)  This meant I ran the twitter for the entire day and tried to build hype and keep people engaged.  It was a pretty exciting experience, and the conference itself was also pretty incredible.


The concept itself of wearable technology is absolutely fascinating to me, because although we may not be cyborgs with robot arms and bionic eyes, we are most definitely becoming a hybrid of organic and machine.  People have  tethered themselves to their smartphones without even realizing it as they start to perform functions such as data recall and reminders we once relied on our memories for.  Wearable technology is simply a name for the trend that is growing out of the fact that smartphones have made technology natural in our daily lives.  Fitbits, Google Glass, and smartwatches are just the start of wearable technology, and the field is growing as innovative designers figure out new ways to incorporate technology and augment the way we function as humans.

In the future I’ll be sure to include more of my thoughts on wearable technology (trust me, I could talk forever), but in this post I mostly just wanted to show off all the cool stuff that I got to see at the event.  Learning to track the hashtag, reply to everyone, retweet the relevant posts, and keeping our audience engaged was quite the challenge, but I found out that I actually really enjoy livetweeting events.  There were a group of girl scouts who showed off their wearable tech fashion creations, a man who was colorblind and attached a sensor to his brain so he could ‘hear’ colors, wearable tech for fitness, fashion, and relaxation, as well as much more.  It was exciting to see all the panels and watch the excitement build in the room, and I hope it happens again next year.

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Technology and Startups: How to Network Los Angeles (and Pasadena)


So, as a young professional in Los Angeles, one of the skills I always try to perfect  is networking.  Now, networking can often happen by chance or through colleagues, but my favorite form is finding specific events and mixers in LA where I can find people who are passionate about the same subject as me (most often startups and technology).  I find these events through friends, google searches, and pure chance, but one of the wonderful things about the internet is that it is always trying to organize itself and make information more accessible.  Through my haphazard exploration of the internet, I discovered my four favorite ways to find networking events and communities are LinkedIn,, Coworking spaces, and Websites.  If you have any additional website/methods to add, please comment below.  I am hoping others can use this article as a resource for their own networking efforts.



LinkedIn is seriously one of my best friends.  Most people use it to keep track of their network, but it is also helpful in expanding it.  It has a series of groups that you can join for a variety of professional fields.  Your best option is to look at profiles of people similar to you and check out what groups they are following.  Be careful of groups that are just full of ads, and never feel bad for leaving one.  Most of the ones I follow are too specific to post here (such as social media), but two you might want to follow are Innovate Pasadena and Digital LA.

meetup is fairly new site, but one that is quickly growing and becoming a valuable resource for all communities, not just tech and startups.  The ones I pay most attention to are LA Tech Happy Hour and Friday Morning Coffee, but you can find ones for your own tastes just by using keywords (ex. tech talks, Los Angeles).



Now, obviously coworking spaces (open offices filled with individuals from a number of startups working next to each other) are good for networking because that is one of their main purposes, but what is not as commonly known is that they often host a variety events open to the general public.  You can either search for a list of events, or check each individual site, ex. Kleverdog and Coloft, or use Yelp to find more spaces.  Each site has a calendar, and the events range from simple networking, to programming, to startup advice.



Websites are one of the hardest sources to find because they are not part of one platform like LinkedIn or Meetup, but I personally appreciate the resources they provide on top of networking events.  Some of my favorites for LA include (and you should tell me if there are any I should add to the list):

Mindshare LA: Mindshare LA holds monthly workshops, salons and movie screenings that gather hundreds of Angelenos for evenings of inspiration and interaction.

Bixelexchange: Bixel Exchange helps technology entrepreneurs thrive. We do this by combining the power of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce and L.A.’s dynamic tech community with the resources of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Small Business Development Center.

Silicon Beach LA: Your Personal Tour Guide And The Home Of The LA Tech & Startup Community.

Innovate Pasadena: The vision of INNOVATE PASADENA is to create a vibrant ecosystem of technology and design innovation in the greater Pasadena area that supports sustainable economic growth.

Women 2.0: Women 2.0 City Meetup creates an inclusive community for anyone working, innovating, or investing in technology. Women 2.0 City Meetup is open to both women and men.

Techsparks: TECHSPARKS aims to spark innovative new ideas by providing a social forum for entrepreneurial minds. Our events include networking, games, raffles and pitch opportunities to encourage interaction and collaboration.

Silicon Beach Young Professionals: Helping tech businesses grow with local networking events

Pasadena Young Professionals: The Young Professionals of Pasadena is a social and business networking group for people ages 21-40ish who live work and thrive in the Pasadena area.

Now, this obviously is not a comprehensive list, and if you have any other suggestions on finding networking groups or websites to check out, feel free to comment below or shoot an email to I am always looking to improve the list!

Kairos Society


I got accepted into the Kairos Society!

The Kairos Society is an international nonprofit organization of entrepreneurs and innovators from the top universities around the world.  

See what Forbes has to say on them –

Here’s my application:

Personal Bio:

I’m a technology obsessed individual who’s been playing with innovation and tech since day one.  My father (a founder of a small IT firm in California) encouraged me to push anything I got my hands on to its limits (computers, websites, software, etc.) and explore as many new tech adventures as possible. I’ve dabbled in a diverse set of technologies ranging from html with user pages and basic construction of computers when I was very young to basic python, youtube analytics, and wordpress web design more recently.  Nonskill-wise I founded the Scripps College Women in Technology club, which often partners with the Scripps Entrepreneur club, intern for Geek and Sundry, a Commercial Youtube Channel, and design websites.  I love networking with fellow tech savvy individuals and entrepreneurs to hear what the next wave of innovation will be, and discussing new ways to use technology to change how the world currently works and address problems previously unsolvable.


  • Interpersonal: Management of project teams, Networking.
  • Operating Systems: PC (including Windows 8) and Mac.
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint.
  • Adobe Suite: InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere
  • Google: Search, Calendar, Drive, Gmail, Analytics, etc.
  • Websites: Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube Analytics, Trello
  • Web Design: WordPress.


Anything tech related.  Changing the world through technology.  Educating others on technology, creating tech communities, and pushing people to become as tech-savvy as possible.

What would you like to achieve by the time you are 30?:

Unfortunately my answer is fairly vague since I don’t actually know where the tech industry will be in 30 years, but I want to do something big.  I want to fill in the gaps, using emerging tech to make the world we live in better.  I can’t say what technology I will be using to achieve this (30 years ago I’m sure no one could have even imagined we’d have smart phones and ipads), but I know that I want to be at the front of the wave, setting the precedent and forging the path that others will follow, with teams working under me to make sure that change is implemented.

What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

My biggest accomplishment would probably be starting the Scripps College Women in Technology club (there is a veritable vacuum in terms of community around technology on campus, and I aim to change that).  There is a lot of strong talent on campus, and I am looking to pull them together, hone their skills, and help them find their way into the work force.  Scripps prides itself on being more humanities and art oriented, but I’m hoping to expand it to be more inclusive of business and tech.  Scripps is a Women’s College, and I want to make sure that the women who graduate from it are tech-savvy and ready for the business world.

What are your 2 biggest strengths you will bring into this organization?

My two biggest strengths would be my desire to constantly be creating new projects, and my love of helping communities.  I find myself extremely jittery if I’m not working on something I consider ‘productive’, whether that’s educating myself, working on projects for my internship, job, or school, or helping others to succeed.  I constantly want to change myself and my environment for the better, and love finding where the gaps are and filling them in with solutions and ideas so that both I and the world I live in improve.  This leads to my love of helping develop communities, for with communities I am able to educate others and help them succeed, success which they then use to help people they know.  It is a domino effect, and I love being able to watch the people I mentor come into their own, and then use their education and skills to bring others to their full potential.

Historically, some of the most innovative and pioneering entrepreneurs have started by rethinking traditional assumptions and business models. Tell us about an area that you think is ripe for disruption, or about a way to solve new problems with existing technology and resources.

I currently work for a commercial Youtube Channel, which in my opinion is the next disruption in terms of the entertainment industry.  We work daily towards using the resources YouTube and social media sites provide to create new, immersive models of entertainment, which is known in the industry as transmedia storytelling: the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies.  We also work with YouTube to suggest how new innovations could lead to better experiences for the audience.  We address the growing range of sites and technologies used by viewers, and take advantage of the fact that traditional cable channels are barely understanding how to use twitter, let alone vine, instagram, etc.  As a Commerical Channel, we set the standards for other YouTubers to live up to, and decide the path to the future.

Give us an example of how you would be able to contribute your skills and expertise to solving key challenges in either healthcare, education or sustainability.

I would use my knowledge of YouTube and my ability to form communities to reform education.  The fact that YouTube is still emerging as a disruptive technology means that each user can help decide what direction it is going to go.  Commercial Channels are already working towards more diversity and inclusivity in the actors on YouTube, but if I was looking to reform education, I’d love to focus on the programming, specifically on how to use critical media theory learned as a Digital Media Studies major to make sure YouTube programming has meaning, not just entertainment value (although a balance would have to be struck).  As YouTube and digital programming are a new frontier, I would work towards creating communities of channels that are dedicated to educating as well as entertaining.  It would not be a niche market, but rather an underlying principle of all programming.  Social media is already used to digital experiences, so it’d be interesting to see how it’d be possible to use social media for informing the audience and forcing them to think deeper and more critically about the content they are consuming.

I’m super excited to see where this goes!

Marjorie’s Birthday and Steam Powered Giraffe


Photo by the lovely Gretchen Allen~

So for Marjorie’s 21st birthday, we decided to trek out of the Claremont bubble to downtown Los Angeles to see Steam Powered Giraffe.  We drove from Claremont to Los Angeles, stopping off at Mel’s to grab a burger.  We had the best waitress (whose name was Rose) I have ever been served by in my life.


She saw our goggles and asked us where we got them and informed us she was a trekkie.  She was very attentive to Marjorie’s order because Marjorie is allergic to dairy, and when she found out it was Marjorie’s birthday brought out a free t-shirt and fruit with candles in it because Marjorie couldn’t eat any of the desserts.

1238207_10201016064617113_2127216248_nShe also brought Anna a cup with a lid when Anna spilled water all over herself, and was generally very engaging and sweet.  Marjorie tried to tip her 70% on the way out, and Rose almost wouldn’t let her.  When we got outside, Anna said ‘Gee, and I thought I tipped her well, I tipped her 40%’ to which I replied ‘…I tipped her 120%’.  I guess our whole suite is ridiculous.  A geek has got to support her fellow trekkie!


Steam Powered Giraffe was also incredible, I never regret going to see them live.  Michael kept walking around and talking to the audience while The Dread Crew of Oddwood and Zookeeper’s Palace, and we got to chat with him for a bit (I love performers who interact with their fans).  All in all, project birthday was a success!

Anime Expo 2013

Anime Expo 2013.  My 6th Anime Expo.  At least my 15th convention.  I regret nothing.


I only went for Saturday during the day this year.  Was invited to a crazy room party by the lovely Stacie (I wish I could have spent more time with her), but I’m still trying to decide if that’s my style (currently my style seems to consist more of going to the gym and playing animal crossing).  Spent more time with Buike and Michael than I have in a really long time, and bought buttons for ERRYONE.

SAMSUNGI decided not to cosplay because wearing a turtleneck in the L.A. heat probably would have killed me.  Didn’t go to a single panel.  Didn’t go to a single show.  Just played my DS, hung out with friends, and bought swag.  It’s so nice to go ‘this is what I want to do at a con’ instead of ‘this is what I should do at a con’.  Next up, Comic-Con!


Ran into Margaret and got to drive her home ❤

Freelance Adventurer

I have never quite lived up to my tumblr username of freelance-adventurer so much as today.  After meeting with a client for web design, I decided to randomly hop on the train and head to Little Tokyo.  After traveling for 30 min, I got off and started wandering with no place in particular in mind.  After about 2 minutes in, I saw curly hair and a purple shirt and shouted EMMA.  Lo and behold, Emma was randomly in Little Tokyo with her parents.


‘Why are you here?’ I asked.

‘We got dim sum in Chinatown, and are now going to a museum.  Why are you here?’ replied her mother.

‘…because I got on a train.’ was my god awful awkward reply which made so much less sense said out loud (God, I’m a weirdo).


Emma’s parents ended up buying me a ticket to a museum with some pretty bamf sculptures, one of which I realized was made by kids from my high school. Her parents then went home, leaving us to wander Little Tokyo.  We went grocery shopping, bought a birthday present, got boba, explored an arcade, and wandered.  We then went to Chinatown and found out one of my favorite places (Empress Pavilion) is basically dead now.


We took the train to Pasadena, where there was a chalk festival, and looked at the pretties.  Finally I drove her home.


The weird part was today was supposed to be my nonsocial day.  Oh well, I had fun.

Little Tokyo II, Ramen’s Revenge

This Saturday I ended up finding myself exploring Little Tokyo once again in order to complete a roll of film for photography, this time with Sam and Char.  We drove down in the late afternoon, I shot my 36, and we ended up going to Daikokuya for dinner.  I must say, it was the best ramen I’ve ever had in my entire life (sorry, Orochan :c) If you are looking for spicy, Orochan is your best bet, but if you are willing to wait for an hour and sit in a fairly crowded restaurant for some of the best food in Little Tokyo, Daikokuya is really the only place to go.


One block down right next to Weller Court I managed to find an artsy little shop with a Star Trek art exhibit at a place called Q Pop shop, and the opening night can be seen here.  It’s always cool to see fanart type stuff in real life instead of deviantart, so if you need to kill time and are feeling like a geeky hipster, that’s the place to go.  I’m always so surprised at how much is happening in the city, and it makes me wonder if maybe that’s where I want to live when I graduate (as if I’ll actually get to choose :P)


Pizzeria Mozza

ImageOn Sunday, Anna’s dad was in town for a conference, and was sweet enough to take us all down to downtown L.A. to Pizzeria Mozza, one of the most succulent pizza places I have ever had the honor to attend.

ImageAfter about a 40 minute drive, we pulled into a side alley where our doors were promptly opened by the valet, and we were whisked into a tiny restaurant housing a surprising number of people.  Anna’s dad was forced to eat at the bar while we sat at a tiny table for four (a fact he had been aware of, but did not tell us until the last moment so we would not feel guilty), and we ended up starting with a dish called Prosciutto di Parma & Bufala mozzarella.  I was promptly chastised for not knowing my heritage as I had never tasted it before (even though I have 0 Italian blood in me), but I must say that it was absolutely incredible.  We purchased 2 pizzas to split between the two of us, Tomato, with Sicilian oregano & extra virgin olive oil and Fennel sausage with panna, red onion & scallions.

WImagee finished with each purchasing a dessert and sharing, ending up with Caramel copetta with marshmallow sauce & Spanish peanuts, Bittersweet chocolate tartufo with olive oil gelato & sea salt, Affogato with almond biscotti, and Chocolate and mint chip gelatti. I’m pretty sure I haven’t had Italian food like this…maybe ever?

Little Tokyo Suite Bonding Trip

We started off our adventure by getting lunch in the plaza.  I highly recommend Orochon Ramen to anyone ever, especially if it’s raining.  Be prepared to ask for a 7 if you don’t like spicy, though, Marjorie asked for a 6 and decided that her digestive system was trying to kill her later that day.

Next up was mochi! You can find it pretty much anywhere, and I always like to try new flavors whenever I go. Seana and I were huge fans of the sakuramochi (pink one with the leaf), it had a kinda sweet, savory, and salty taste to it, but Anna was traumatized by it.  Luckily she cleansed her pallet with some of the simpler ones.

Obviously we couldn’t leave Little Tokyo without a visit to Kinokuniya Bookstore. I went to drop off Anna’s ramen in the car, and came back to find my suite crowded in the manga section (of course).  That place has some of the quirkiest stuff.

I also managed to get some cute photos for my b/w photography class while there:

Father and DaughterLolita and KittyFirst Meeting