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My Summer!

All the photos that I don’t want to make into separate posts but I’d like to remember

Old LA Zoo/Griffith Park

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Anime Expo

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Waterfall Adventure

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Outdoor Film and Food Festival

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Justin’s 21st Birthday

Now this gets a little more explanation because it’s super important to me, we ended up getting sushi together and then wandering around Little Tokyo/LA and chatting about everything and anything before finishing by going to Boba 8, an awesome alcoholic boba speakeasy.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2014


Managed to get tickets to every nerd’s dream this summer, the one, the only, San Diego Comic-Con!  I stayed at my aunt’s house, but met up with college friends Allegra, Tessa, and Steven for so major adventures.

Wandering the convention!

We took a lot of silly photos and checked out the Gotham Zipline, giant Homer head, cosplayers, and much more.

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Nerd HQ! (which I helped fund)

For those of you who don’t know, Nerd HQ is a hangout spot anyone can attend in Petco Park, and is separate from Comic-Con.  Tickets to the panels cost money, but it all goes to Operation Smile (a charity).

Meeting Markiplier!

Now this one was actually completely by accident.  Allegra and I were walking by Keenspot, which is actually a webcomics booth, when suddenly we noticed a familiar online face.  Lo and behold, Markiplier was standing alone, and we got a chance to talk to him and get some great photos.

Geek and Sundry Vloggers

Finally, right before Allegra had to leave we ran into some Geek and Sundry vloggers (who I had actually never met in person despite watching all their videos and running their data), and it was great to finally talk to them irl.  I can’t wait to go again next year, and I’m excited to see who else I meet!


Last Day at Geek & Sundry

Friday was my last day at Geek & Sundry, and I will miss it dearly.  Working in Digital New Media and helping pave the way for that industry was absolutely thrilling, and I hope to be able to someday work in a job that allows me as much creativity and ability to take initiative and be proactive as this internship did.

If you’d like to see a history of my internship, check out!

Geek and Sundry Intern Diaries has over 100 Followers!


So early on in my internship at Geek and Sundry, Aimee hashtagged one of her tweets #interndiaries.  I thought this was extremely clever, and we soon spread it to all the interns.  I then realized our tweets were mildly interesting when viewed as a whole, and created a tumblr to host them, as well as photos, blog posts, and other tidbits created by us.  Apparently somebody out there likes us, because we now have over 100 followers!  This was one of my first forays into social media use for a business, and I’m thrilled that it turned out to be so successful, with our top post having over 200 reblogs and likes.

Come check us out if you ever want a deeper look into the lives of the Geek and Sundry interns!

Pokemon IT-FITS Profile: Learning Flash

I made a thing for my job!  This is my first time ever using flash, so I’m pretty proud of it (clicking the screenshot below will take you to the actual thing).


Geek and Sundry Halloween Special

So I got to work behind the scenes on the recent Geek and Sundry Halloween Special at Clockwork Couture, and since I didn’t want to accidentally spoil anything, I haven’t posted anything about it until now.

I’m even included in the credits as a PA!  As a PA, I got to do things such as help decorate the set, keep props in order, buy food and do errands, etc.  I’ve worked backstage in theater in years, and it was fascinating to see the parallels between video production and theater.  It was alternating periods of hard work and killing time, but I was happy to get to know some of the vloggers and people who work for Geek and Sundry better (I even almost got to take Becca’s robot costume home, but it wouldn’t fit in my car).

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Happy Halloween from the Geek and Sundry Interns!

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Techsparks, Scripps Women in Technology, and Scripps Entrepreneurs


On Wednesday evening, I drove a car full of college students from Scripps Women in Technology club and Scripps Entrepreneurs to a Techsparks mixer in Pasadena.  There, some of them experienced their first networking event ever, and passed with flying colors.  Techsparks created a comfortable and warm environment above Barney’s with plenty of food, drink, and conversation. We were the youngest group there, but the tech professionals welcomed us with open arms, and allowed us to join their conversations with ease.  I look forward to exposing more club members to events like these, and helping them discover the wonders of the tech world.

Steampunk Corset Adventure – Clockwork Couture

On Sunday, Seana and I went on an adventure to buy her a corset for Halloween at Clockwork Couture in Burbank, CA.  She ended up buying a whole outfit, and I tried a corset on (but didn’t purchase).  Adorable little shop off the beaten path, and a place I know I’ll be visiting again!

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Stress Dinosaur

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