IMPACT Case Study


So, I went to my very first case study competition on Saturday.  I had no idea what a case study was, I had no idea what we were going to do, but Caroline invited me to it, and I was like WHY NOT.  We arrived at Claremont Mckenna at 10:00 am for free pastries, coffee, and a folder containing the materials for our case study.  The folder had four copies of the case study for the four Scrippsies on our team, a grading rubric, and a schedule.  The case study was a description of a problem (in this case a credit union that wanted to create more branches, but wasn’t sure it had the resources to) and graphs/charts relating to the problem.  We used the information in the case study to decide whether or not to create another credit union branch, and how to improve the business as a whole.  We then presented our solution to a panel of judges.  Crazily enough, despite the fact we had never done a case study before, we passed round one and made it to the final round where we presented again.  Unfortunately our team didn’t win that round (we were up against two other teams, and they only said who won, so it’s possible we were either 2nd out of eight teams, or 3rd), but it was a very interesting learning experience, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.  Also, there was a Scrippsie on the the team who won (the rest were CMCers), so I still take pride in their win.



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