Second Life Class


For my Feminist Dialogue on Technology class (FemTechNet), we sat in on another school’s class that meets twice a week in the virtual reality program Second Life.  We all sat on blue floating disks (pictured above) while the teacher (who was a polar bear) greeted us.  In the chat window, the teacher linked us to an art piece about hamsters eating their own babies that we watched in our own browser  After the video, Blacgoddess presented an article that the class had read (which we as guests to the class unfortunately hadn’t read) by using her mic (where we could hear someone doing dishes in the background).  A lively chat about the article was started in the chat window, which the professor moderated with on mic.  Another student did a powerpoint presentation on a giant screen about food deserts, with another follow up discussion.

Second life was actually remarkably conducive to classroom learning.  I enjoyed the textbased nature of the discussion (a personal learning preference), and it was great being able to meet with students from all over.  I think these spaces could (and already are) be used to connect people from all over, and I am trying to figure out how I can incorporate them into my own life.


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