Scripps College: Life After Scripps Networking Event


Once a year, my college has a full week (called Life After Scripps) of activities dedicated to professional development such as resumes, job searching, wage negotiating, and much more.  I personally only attended the Speed Networking event and LinkedIn workshop, but they were phenomenal.  Ever since I created a LinkedIn account I assumed you were only supposed to connect to the people who were closest to you and in your field, but apparently you should connect with everyone who could be a potential link.  For the Speed Networking, it was good practice for giving my elevator pitch, and I managed to polish it down so that it was smoother than before.  The best part was dinner afterwards, for I was lucky enough to eat with a Scripps alumn who is currently a recruiter for a tech company.  She had lots of advice, and I know I came off a bit unpolished, but all I can do is improve with her suggestions!


About Alicen Lewis

Find me on! Archived Blog: Previously a summer intern for the startup incubator Idealab, during the school year I am also on the board of the Scripps College Professionals Network, Team Leader and Head Web Designer for Scripps College IT for Faculty, and President of Scripps Women in Technology. My previous experience includes working Digital New Media with Geek & Sundry, a Los Angeles Commercial YouTube company.

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