Learning to Delegate

So I am now the head of IT for faculty at Scripps College, and crazy enough that now means I do more delegating than work (especially since I have less hours since I’m in LA a lot of the time).  I’ve had to learn to let go of projects I don’t have time for, and trust that the people I give the project to will do well.  Trello has been especially helpful for this, it’s a wonderful online program used for project management.  It’s been an interesting experience learning to let go, but I think I’m better for it.  I’ve also learned to created ‘Project Leaders’ so that every single person working under me doesn’t constantly ask me questions, but rather asks the Project Leader who gets to make most of the decisions, but can always turn to me for major ones.  Here’s what I ended sending out in my weekly update:

Welcome to another week.  We have some shifts in structure at IT-FITS.  I have now started delegating projects to people.  Some notes about it:

  • The initials next to the project name designates the project leader.
  • If you are not a project leader and have any questions, email the project leader (not me).
    • The project leader will make any decisions regarding the direction of the project.
  • If you are a project leader, be prepared to update me every Monday at the IT-FITS meeting on your progress.  You can also use this time to ask for input or people to claim tasks (or you can send out emails earlier).
    • If you (the project leader) have any questions, call or email me, but you have full power to make executive decisions about your own project.
      • Feel free to delegate work as you see fit (including to me).  For example, send an email to the next person in office asking them to print and cut out flyers, or ask someone to post daily on twitter, or to create a photoshop banner for something.  You can also send out a general email and ask someone to claim tasks.
    • Project leader just means you are in charge of the project, it doesn’t mean you do it yourself.  Please delegate so we can get tasks done ASAP.
  • If you have any questions about the project structure in general, have complaints that a project leader isn’t doing her job or abusing her power, have complaints that someone you delegated work to isn’t doing their job, etc., email me.
    • Likewise, if someone is doing a great job on a project, please tell them and also email me so I’m aware of it.
  • If anyone has any ideas for new projects, please email me or bring it up in the meeting.
    • It’s perfectly okay if you are busy and don’t want to be project leader of that project, we’ll give it to someone else who doesn’t have a project.
  • Project leaders, please keep me in the loop at all times, but feel free to make your own decisions.  

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