Girl Geek Dinner


On Thursday, September 26, I went to KPCC’s Girl Geek Dinner event at the Crawford Family Forum.  The venue was filled with women from the tech industry chatting, so I decided to try to join one of the conversations.  One of the women seemed to be around my age, but once we started talking I found out she was actually Stacy Ferreira,  Entrepreneur and Founder of mySocialCloud, a girl my age who dropped out of college and went on to found a business that has already been purchased, is now working on another, and was featured on the cover of 17 magazine.


She talked about how lots of people try to ask her to be their mentor, but the real trick is to just throw yourself out there and ask people you admire for specific advice, rather than for a general mentorship.  Angie Chang, Director of Growth at Hackbright Academy and founder of the Girl Geek Dinner’s Bay Area chapter, chimed in that this was very true, and also gave me advice about not underselling myself (something I had already read about in Lean-In, but was glad to hear again).  Although I didn’t realize it at the time, these were two of the five people who were going to be up on stage later that night, and I was lucky to have met them for one-on-one advice.


After food and networking with a few more people, I went into the auditorium where Skylar Jackson from the Entertainment Industries Council skyped with us about increasing women’s presence in media.  I was able to get in a question about how YouTube fit into the grand scheme, and she was actually pleased about my inquiry and talked about the Entertainment Industries Council’s efforts to include YouTube as media as well as television and movies.


Finally, it was time for the main event, where Angie Chang (from earlier) was moderator, and Stacy Ferreira (also from earlier), Jan Sanders, Pasadena Director of Libraries and Information Services, Talulah Riley, Brittish Actress/Writer, and Alex Schaffert, KPCC Director of Digital Media talked about being a woman in the tech industry, their ‘Lean In’ moments, and advice for the audience.  It was very inspiring, and I’m excited to put their lessons to use in my own professional development.


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