Idealab and Networking Adventure

So I decided to get on a train to go to little tokyo and do web design because I was sick and tired of my house. So I get on it, and at one stop these two dudes get on. One has sunglasses, long beard, neon green socks, and while I’m silently admiring his socks from afar I notice his shirt, and it says Mudd math on the back, and I’m like OMG.
So I’m like, ‘wait, what if it’s a diff mudd’
‘what if he thinks I’m weird for asking him about it’
So I move up to the front of the train and ask him if he goes to Mudd, and tell him I go to Scripps. He’s super friendly, so we start chatting about the college, and eventually I’m like what do you do for a living? And he’s like ‘I work for Esolar’, and I’m like, ‘I feel like I’ve heard of that, was that formed out of the idealab incubator in Pasadena?’, and he’s like ‘Yeah!’
So I tell him I’m planning on applying to intern for them next summer, and he’s like ‘here, let me give you my card, we were one of the first businesses to come out of it, I can introduce you to everyone’ and I flip out and am super excited.
Then I go home and google him, AND IT TURNS OUT HE’S FB FRIENDS WITH MY SISTER.
and then it turns out he WENT TO MY HIGH SCHOOL.
The End c:
(Moral of the story, never be afraid to make new friends!)

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