Interning for Geek and Sundry


First week of working for Geek and Sundry!  I’m doing analytics for them, which basically means I collect data and make it into readable trends with graphs and percent change and other tools, and show them what’s working and what’s not.  Currently I’m working on a way to scrape social media pages for the subscriber/like/follow count so I don’t have to open each one every day, hopefully Justin can help me out with it on Python.

Cool things:1186895_10151973489285572_1069984472_n
I can see the Hollywood sign from my window (it’s that white patch on the hill)!


Adam de la Pena of Outlands brought us donuts, and I got to meet Felicia Day! (unfortunately no photo of this).


I also work with one of the producers of the Emmy award winning Lizzie Bennet Diaries, my other office mate is the creator of the female gaming site Nerdy but Flirty, and my final office mate is a brilliant PR director who also loves tumblr and Sherlock.  I think I’ve found home~


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