Marjorie’s Birthday and Steam Powered Giraffe


Photo by the lovely Gretchen Allen~

So for Marjorie’s 21st birthday, we decided to trek out of the Claremont bubble to downtown Los Angeles to see Steam Powered Giraffe.  We drove from Claremont to Los Angeles, stopping off at Mel’s to grab a burger.  We had the best waitress (whose name was Rose) I have ever been served by in my life.


She saw our goggles and asked us where we got them and informed us she was a trekkie.  She was very attentive to Marjorie’s order because Marjorie is allergic to dairy, and when she found out it was Marjorie’s birthday brought out a free t-shirt and fruit with candles in it because Marjorie couldn’t eat any of the desserts.

1238207_10201016064617113_2127216248_nShe also brought Anna a cup with a lid when Anna spilled water all over herself, and was generally very engaging and sweet.  Marjorie tried to tip her 70% on the way out, and Rose almost wouldn’t let her.  When we got outside, Anna said ‘Gee, and I thought I tipped her well, I tipped her 40%’ to which I replied ‘…I tipped her 120%’.  I guess our whole suite is ridiculous.  A geek has got to support her fellow trekkie!


Steam Powered Giraffe was also incredible, I never regret going to see them live.  Michael kept walking around and talking to the audience while The Dread Crew of Oddwood and Zookeeper’s Palace, and we got to chat with him for a bit (I love performers who interact with their fans).  All in all, project birthday was a success!


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