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This past week I attended two technology mixers, one hosted by Bixel Exchange and one hosted by Innovate Pasadena.  Both are basically movements to create a new Silicon Valley in their area, Bixel Exchange representing Los Angeles and Innovate Pasadena representing Pasadena.


The Bixel Exchange mixer was held at Youtube Space L.A., one of the coolest places I’ve ever been.  Have you ever seen images of Google’s offices or Amazon’s?  It was kinda like that, with colors everywhere, food, a firepole, everything you could want to keep your creative juices going.  It had giant rooms with catwalks where productions (to be posted on Youtube) could be created, smaller premade sets, control rooms, and editing rooms.  I commend Youtube on its efforts to encourage its users to create and collaborate, and look forward to seeing what types of creations are produced.


The Innovate Pasadena mixer was held in a lovely coffee shop in Old Town Pasadena, where Sean Lynch, CEO of Metacloud Inc., talked about the details of launching a start-up in Pasadena.  I pitched my idea of a single website where tech companies in Pasadena could post internships and students could submit resumes to his marketing manager, Ali, and she seemed like she liked it (we’ll see if they let me in on the project or decide to take it as their own.

Finally, I’ve started a Scripps Women in Technology club at my college.  As much as Scripps emphasizes gender gaps in the workforce, for some reason they never seem to comment on the giant gap in the tech industry.  Hopefully I’ll be able to pull something together to help create an environment where Scrippsies interested in tech can support each other.


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  1. Dear Alicen, Your enthusiasm is contagious! I’m vicariously enjoying your exciting activities. I’m halfway through the book “JOBS” and I feel the same excitement. The main difference is that the book sheds a clear light on Job’s asshole aspects and I see none of that in you. You’re a genius too, but your gentleness and refinement proves that you need not be an asshole to be a genius. Love you, neil

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