Vidcon 2013


So, I attended Vidcon 2013 this weekend, and it was absurdly educational.  I checked in with Taryn at our hotel at the Sheraton (right next to DISNEYLAND, I was able to see the fireworks from outside) on Thursday night, and we wandered over to get our community passes.  First thing we noticed was we were in the middle of the road in terms of age.  There were 14 year olds running around and filming their escapades with their iphones as well as a good number of 25 year olds doing the same.  The second thing we noticed was everyone was fashionably dressed, and most had brightly colored hair.  The last thing we noticed was at least 60% of the con was female.


Day 1 (Friday) dawned bright and early, and I headed over to the exhibition hall.  It was jam packed with people promoting their products, shows, and services, but also had a very nice play area and arcade for some needed decompression time.  I went to two panels that day, Creating a Hit Show on YouTube: What’s Working and Why in 2013 and How I Make Videos.  At the first one we got a physical copy of the Youtube Creator Playbook (which I highly recommend checking out), and the second one just gave me a taste of what it’s like behind the scenes.  The rest of the day was spent networking (I met a really cool Let’s Play youtuber) and wandering around.


Day 2 (Saturday) I went to Meet-Up: Geek & Sundry Vlogs (I’m actually planning on applying to intern for them in fall), How I Make Videos with Kevin Tancharoen: Creator of Mortal Kombat Legacy; 5SecondFilms; Wong Fu Productions; and Chris Thompson: Creator of SupRicky06, and finally The Tipping Point which taught me about how to keep increasing your audience.  Commence more networking, watching Steam Powered Giraffe perform *swoon*, and a new drive to create a video.


Vidcon has inspired me to explore vlogging on my own, and you should see a new video coming out soon enough.  I highly recommend the con to anyone who enjoys youtube, or wants to break into the blogging world.


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  1. Hey Alicen, Your Vlog on Dr. Who blew me away. It’s Great! It’s Great! (One more time) It’s great! I hope you’ll post more of them. I love you, neil

  2. I can’t belive that Palm studios is signing the Troll’s book and the troll isn’t in this shot

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