This Thursday evening I attended TechSparks, a monthly mixer for Tech Professionals in the Pasadena area.  Their focus is on the Social Spark Theory, which says that ‘when driven, smart people play games and socialize, they will spark big ideas that change the world’.  This particular event was for Pasadena interns to network with local professionals, and I got the chance to meet a bunch of cool people.

The venue was at Barney’s Beanery, a hip little bar with a nice upstairs area with a second bar, tables, and pool tables.  Interns were handed raffle tickets at the door that they could give to professionals who talked to them, so I found myself very quickly being included in conversations and asked about my own experiences.  I met a Pomona alum, a psychologist interested in researching usability, and many other IT people.  It was a great chance to hear about what was happening in the tech industry, as well as many offshoots and tangents to traditional tech businesses.

Unfortunately I am a bit young to be attending any more of these events, but I’m contacting them in the hopes of being able to volunteer or help out.  Currently Pasadena is in the middle of a tech revolution, spearheaded by the Innovate Pasadena movement.  I want to be at the top of the wave, hopefully getting my hands dirty while the movement is just budding, helping to make my hometown a hub of innovation and technology.  Wish me luck!


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