Back to San Diego: FOR SCIENCE

SAMSUNGWent to San Diego to visit Seana.  You know how some people go to the mall with their friends?  I go shopping on Animal Crossing.  We literally followed each other around our towns and went ‘would this look good in my house?  Should I buy these goggles? I like that dress on you.’  Good time had by all, and then she took me to Balboa Park.  I had forgotten how much I love that place (it’s one of the reasons I want to live in San Diego).  We first visited the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.


It’s a very hands on museum, I recommend it to adults and kids alike.  We messed around with science, in a wind tunnel, and then went to see Imax To the Arctic.  I have never watched that much polar bear action in my life, snow is so pretty (especially since I’ve only seen it a few times).  After we were done with freezing in the Arctic, we went outside in the heat to explore the rose garden, making promises that our future houses would one day have rose gardens as well.


Eventually she went home, we played some more animal crossing, she gave me some fruit to plant in my town, and I drove over to Will’s apartment.  There we played even MORE Animal Crossing, and he ended up planting me an orchard.  I went on a quest in his town to find roses and replant them in mine.  The rest of the night was spent being lazy and watching youtube videos, cuddling, and Animal Crossing.  Good trip.


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