Being an Adult…

means you get to choose what makes you happy. (Don’t drink the h8torade)


So Tuesday night I came to an epiphany.  I wanted Animal Crossing.  No, I needed Animal Crossing.  After having spent the last two weeks with my dashboard on tumblr flooded with screenshots, and having my feed on facebook inundated with people squeeing about how they had just hung out, I knew my destiny was calling (or at least peer pressure).  As my friend Buike said, this was like being in middle school and having your frienDS saying they were going to the mall, and you saying you didn’t have legs.

8:00 p.m.

So, with a clear goal in mind of a 3DS and Animal Crossing, I drove to a Gamestop in the middle of nowhere because they were the closest one who also had Zelda: Ocarina of Time for sale.

8:34 p.m.

“Getting a 3DS cause I’m an adult” I texted Michael while waiting in line at Gamestop.

Oh, I just got Michelle a pink one from Target!” I received back.

…pink? pink! PINK!  I knew I needed a pink one, or my life was over.

‘We only carry red and blue,’ was the answer I received from the cashier.

You know what?  I never really liked Gamestop anyway (although I did buy Paper Mario Sticker Stars from them).  So now with an even clearer goal of a Pink 3DS in mind, I drove to a Target.

8:56 p.m.

‘We’re sold out.’ was the crushing reply I received along with a sad look from the man behind the Target counter.

‘…I’m sorry, what?’

‘Were you hoping to get Animal Crossing with it?  I haven’t been able to put down that game!’  My fellow geek started tapping away on his computer.  ‘Here, this is the closest Target that should have some left.  I wish you luck!’

Clutching the paper like the winning lottery ticket, I once again drove to a Target.

9:25 p.m.

‘Nope, we’re sold out.’  This man simply gave me a bored look, obviously not understanding how soul crushing his statement was.

‘The last Target told me you had some left?  What?’  I fidgeted under his uncaring gaze.

‘The computers aren’t updated until the next day, so we must have sold out since 8 am this morning,’ he said.

I purchased some vitamins and mascara instead, and trudged wearily back to my car.  I was about halfway home on the freeway when my stubborn nature kicked in.  I had a goal!  A quest!  I couldn’t leave with just vitamins, mascara, and a game for a system I didn’t even own!  I resolved to try one more Target, who I could not even call because my phone’s unfortunate demise from lack of battery after eeking out one Facebook status.

9:46 p.m.

I finally arrived at the third Target and rode the escalator to the second floor electronics department.  Angels sang the praises of Fusajiro Yamauchi as they bathed the 3 pink 3DS’s behind their glass wall.

‘I NEED IT’ I informed the man behind the counter, who gave me a knowing look.

‘My first DS was actually pink as well!’ he replied, and with that we started a lovely conversation about my trials and tribulations to find this DS, and the games we both loved.

I carried my 3DS out with pride, returning home to charge it in all its glory.  After I booted up my computer, I discovered my facebook status of ”I’m an adult’ I whisper as I drive to my third Target trying to buy a Pink 3DS’ was my most popular yet, eventually gaining over 50 likes.  It made me feel a little less like a dork for going to such extensive efforts for a videogame system, cause hey, I do what I want.


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