Steampunk Los Angeles


Went to a Steampunk Festival (aka a Steam Powered Giraffe concert).  If you haven’t heard of them, fix it, I’ve already managed to convert quite a few people.


Anyway, back to the festival.  It was at a really cool yet sketch venue in East L.A. called The Vex.  Allison, Rachel, Mary Elise, Seana and I dressed in our finest regalia and drove to the venue.  I had originally told everyone I didn’t want to go earlier because East L.A. was a bad decision to walk around in, and when we arrived Allison said  ‘I thought you meant we were going to get made fun of for our costumes in this area!’

‘…I meant we were going to get mugged’ I replied incredulously.


The Vex had an outside paved area with quite a few booths selling Steampunk related gadgets and clothing (I spent way too much money), and the inside consisted of a ton MORE booths selling their wares, as well as a stage with live performers.  I joined the League of Steam (well, the Jr. League W.A.T.C.H.), bought a badge with wings that said engineer, and a pair of ‘brass’ goggles.  I also managed to get a photo with SPG (it was so hot their make-up starting dripping from sweat, and everyone called this event The Great Melting), and just generally had a good time.  I hope it happens again, I only discovered it randomly through tumblr.  It’s always interesting what random geeky things are happening in SoCal that I never realize exist.


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