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I have never quite lived up to my tumblr username of freelance-adventurer so much as today.  After meeting with a client for web design, I decided to randomly hop on the train and head to Little Tokyo.  After traveling for 30 min, I got off and started wandering with no place in particular in mind.  After about 2 minutes in, I saw curly hair and a purple shirt and shouted EMMA.  Lo and behold, Emma was randomly in Little Tokyo with her parents.


‘Why are you here?’ I asked.

‘We got dim sum in Chinatown, and are now going to a museum.  Why are you here?’ replied her mother.

‘…because I got on a train.’ was my god awful awkward reply which made so much less sense said out loud (God, I’m a weirdo).


Emma’s parents ended up buying me a ticket to a museum with some pretty bamf sculptures, one of which I realized was made by kids from my high school. Her parents then went home, leaving us to wander Little Tokyo.  We went grocery shopping, bought a birthday present, got boba, explored an arcade, and wandered.  We then went to Chinatown and found out one of my favorite places (Empress Pavilion) is basically dead now.


We took the train to Pasadena, where there was a chalk festival, and looked at the pretties.  Finally I drove her home.


The weird part was today was supposed to be my nonsocial day.  Oh well, I had fun.


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