Why I Blog

The post is dedicated to a friend who felt the need to inform me that he ‘considered my blog and my Facebook to be the same thing’, that he did not read my blog ‘out of choice, not negligence’, and that he was tired of the fact I was ‘always talking about my blog’.

I will preface this post with the fact that I honestly don’t care if people don’t read my blog.  Don’t care about my opinions? No big.  Don’t like my writing style? Neither do I.  Don’t want to discuss with me? I hope you have a wonderful day.  But the way my conversation proceeded with my friend led me to believe that maybe not everyone understands why I blog.

When I first started my Geek it Out blog, every post was a mundane update about my life (video games, magic, social life, etc).  Each post was often my attempt to prove I was OMG INTERESTING to the few people who stumbled upon it, basically Facebook part 2.  Then came the faithful day of February 25th, 2013.  The Oscars aired, and the controversial We Saw your Boobs song was played.  I was flabbergasted by this song.  I found myself navigating rage,  confusion, sympathy.  I all but flew to my computer, facebooking as many people I could get my hands on for opinions, and googling interpretations of the skit.  I didn’t know what to think, but eventually with enough input from other people, I formed some type of opinion (which you read here).

I’d seen a a piece of media, thought critically about it, and found myself wanting to share my conclusions.  I could have just stuck to messaging people,  but I wanted to engage with as many people as possible in order to obtain even more perspectives, and to record my own ideas.  And thus the blog post was born.  I never expected anyone to care, but I wanted to get my (seemingly uncommon) opinion out there.  Incredibly enough, when I shared a link to the post on Facebook, I found people were willing to engage in discourse with me, people I never would have talked to otherwise.  The world opened up in an interesting direction, one in which I was able to gather many different perspectives without relying on just my peers, people who often came from a very similar mindset and background.


My goal with my blog was not to convince or tell, but rather to stimulate, which I hoped my audience would then do in turn for me with comments.  I will admit, a good chunk of my posts are stories; boring factual descriptions of what is happening in my life.  My opinion pieces though, are invitations, practically begging you to prove me wrong, to show me the perspective I’m missing.  I was told I ‘always talk about my blog’.  That would be like me saying ‘you always talk about your opinions’.  My blog is a platform for me to invite discourse and state ideas, not an unchanging object I obsess over.  I see nothing wrong with a person not reading my blog, nor a person not wanting to discuss opinions with me (in fact I see them as almost the same thing), but to ask me to share opinions while never referencing my blog would be like asking you to share your opinions without referencing any previous ideas you may have ever had.

For the 3rd and final time, I don’t care if people don’t read my blog.  That isn’t what this post is about.  Rather, I hope that if someone does read my blog, perhaps the ideas and questions in it will encourage them to think about my alternative views, encourage them to reply with their own, or at the very least force a topic that might have passed by unnoticed to instead float to the top of their mind so that they do think a bit harder about it than they otherwise would have.  Facebook is for trying to show the world I have a life.  Blogging is a space where my constantly shifting and adjusting opinions and ideas can express and store themselves, a place where I can track my own growth intellectually, and a place where those who want to read and respond can, and those who don’t can ignore (unlike the in-your-face behemoth that is Facebook).

As always, thanks for staying with me this far, and thanks for reading!

Comments? Questions?  Post below!


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