The Year in Retrospect 2012-2013


Wait, what, I have a blog?  Oops, forgot about that due to the fact that I have now started a Web Design Business with the same name (look for a change of name with this blog eventually).  Things that happened… I just got out of school for summer, am going to work for my father doing IT at SLK.US, will be doing web design in my free time, and have fanime next weekend.

Oh, right, maybe I should actually write about my growth this year.  Huh.  Let’s see…

Growthwise: I declared as a Psychology Major, I still need to declare as a Media Studies Minor, I got a job in the IT Department of my college. I found myself becoming a feminist, learned wordpress, and started blogging.  I went to a feminist digital humanities unconference.  I started my own web design business with Samantha Abernathey, created a bunch of social media accounts, and basically explored the internet as much as I could (although I still need to hit reddit).  I took photography and managed to play both with the ideas of gender roles and depression/rape/alcoholism/self harm through my art.  I took social dance.  I went to an Amanda Palmer concert.  I learned more about terrorism and deconstructing the idea of ‘The Other’, and am finally done with core.

Photo Final

Consumer Electronics Show: Las Vegas with Felicia Day

Geekness:  I went to two Magic Pre-Releases, Wondercon, stage managed Equestria L.A., and am going to Fanime next weekend.  I couple cosplayed Velma while my friend went as Shaggy, and we spent half of Wondercon cuddling.  I took an intro Computer Science Course and hated it, although the class itself was fun.  I went to CES and learned about electronics and networking, and look forward to attending it next year.

Wondercon Shaggy & Velma Cosplay

5th Doctor

Social Life: I made a ton of new Scripps and Mudd friends, got closer to the seniors who I am now sad to see leave, and managed to become insanely tight with my Suite (the geek suite) at Scripps (who I will actually be living with again next year).  I had a boyfriend in name (the relationship part of that is debatable) who I managed to date for a whole month before he fractured his spine in a car crash driving home from my place and had to move up to Northern California for 3 months to recover, which managed to kill off what little affection he had to start with.  I am now awkwardly accidentally falling in love with someone else, and I don’t really know what to do with someone who actually reciprocates affection and attention (yes, I’m a n00b).

Geek Suite Little Tokyo Trip

Anyway, that’s pretty much my year.  I wrote it more for me than you, as something to look at when I forget what sophomore year was like.  I hope it didn’t bore you too much, random reader ❤

I refuse to have feels >:c


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