Wondercon 2013

After a bit of a rocky start, Marjorie, Jane, Kevin, and I headed out to Wondercon in Anaheim. Once we parked we became a bit lost, and decided to just follow the train of steampunk and Homestuck. Since it was at the Anaheim Convention Center, we were also mixed in with quite a few people walking to Disneyland, so we got some interesting stares.  Now, there’s an interesting phenomenon I like to call ‘voices in my head‘ where you may just be walking down the street or Artists Alley, and suddenly you’ll start hearing your character called.  You’ll turn, expecting to have a fan asking for a photo, but no one will be looking at you.  You’ll keep walking, and it will start again.  Eventually you reach the point where you stop turning towards your name unless it is called multiple times.  I am most definitely guilty of being a voice in someone’s head, for some reason if I see a character I love I feel the need to say the name, as if stating it to myself means anything.  Welcome to con culture.

Anyway, this was Jane’s first time, and one of the best parts of the con was probably watching her lose her con virginity.  There’s this type of wonder that is obvious in anyone who goes to a con for the first time, almost like going to Disneyland.  Reality becomes slightly malleable, and you can tell who is a con virgin by their eyes shining at the magic of it all.janescearce

Kevin and I wandered Artists Alley together, stopping for photos, and I bought way too much stuff.   Eventually exhausted, I sat down and just read my purchases.  Kevin eventually joined me after exploring the Dealers Hall, and we cuddled for a bit.  We found that we were suddenly being asked for more photos while we were sitting than we had while wandering, and I’m pretty sure the cuddling became more for show after that point (don’t judge us for our love of attention).  Watching random congoers passing by was fascinating, and I am tempted to create con bingo next time.

Definitely going to repeat the experience next year, hopefully a bit more awake, hopefully attending a few more (aka >0) panels.  I didn’t realize it was going to be quite as fun as it was, so I’ll take full advantage next year.


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  1. I thought you might be interested in seeing this piece on cosplay and consent that I just stumbled across. http://www.16bitsirens.com/consent/

  2. Thanks so much, I’ll be sure to read it right now! I know two of my friends participated in it, but I hadn’t realized there was an actual write-up on it. Much appreciated.

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