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So, I’m in a course at Pitzer College entitled Media and Social Justice, and for my main focus, I’ve been examining prison reform.  Unfortunately I don’t know much about it, but one of the articles I ran into recently was the fact that our prisons are horribly overcrowded.  Ella’s Voice, a blog on the website EllaBakerCenter (a resource for family and friends of those incarcerated, as well as those fighting for prison reform) spoke of the fact that Jerry Brown, California’s governor, is trying to state that California’s overpopulation of prisons is under control, and not a problem that needs to be solved any longer, which is blatantly untrue (go read the article, it’s pretty cool).

Now, I will most likely write a rant about prison reform sometime in the future once I actually know more about it, but for now I just messed around with the old meme ‘why can’t I hold all these limes’ and substituted it with our wonderful governor.  This is what you get when you take a digital girl living in a bubble world and try to teach her to be an activist.


Original Meme


Governor Brown of California


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  1. Haha! I liked your version. Looking forward to your prison-rant.

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