Throwback Thursday with Scooby Doo and Final Fantasy VI! (wait, what)


Preview of cosplay for Wondercon next week

Alicen, it’s Saturday.

Liar, if it was Saturday spring break would almost be over, and OH MY GOD WHERE DID THE LAST WEEK GO.

Well, a good chunk of it went to 24HourCrack, an event at Harvey Mudd College where a ton of people are playing videogames alone, playing videogames together, playing board games, playing magic, etc etc from noon Friday until noon Saturday (SLEEP IS OVERRATED) in one of the academic buildings.  I killed my time with Supernatural (not a game, I know, I’m a rebel), watching Mars, Justin, Miro, Thom, and Lau play LoL (they managed to bs a ranked match in 15 minutes.  FIFTEEN MINUTES.  RANKED.  I thought they were all going to die from sheer bliss that their ridiculous strategy worked), and FFVI.  I went to bed at around 3 am (weakling), only to find myself playing more Final Fantasy VI for about another hour  under the covers.  I’d say this was the highlight of my break, and something most definitely to be repeated next year.

Other highlights:

  • I had a nightmare that my suitemate was possessed  then the grim reaper came, then I woke up in a cold sweat in real life and was convinced that somehow someone had managed to sneak into our suite (I was the only one living here over break, so it was 6 other empty bedrooms, an empty common room, and an empty bathroom), and that slenderman was waiting on my balcony.
  • I completely botched Chris’s make-up in our trial for my photoshoot this weekend, and am just going to let Daisy do it.
  • I went to a feminist unconference (as you know) Day 1 Day 2 and met a ton of new people
  • I almost completed my Velma cosplay
  • I had my birthday (it involved sleeping, more sleeping, and parents taking me out to dinner.  I’m pretty sure it was the best birthday I’ve ever had)
  • Neverending movies at East Dorm
  • Walks with Justin
  • Sleep
  • Sleep
  • More Sleep

I’m sure there was lots more involving hanging out and random midnight adventures, but this was an absolutely brilliant break, and I’m sad to see it go.


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