Sim Sexuality 101

Nice critical examination of the presence of queerness in The Sims 3, a mainstream PC game.


If you are a fan of the Sims franchise, you likely remember the hours spent painstakingly adjusting and tweaking every possible feature of your Sims, as if the correct combination of all those sliders could render the Sim equivalent of David, with you as its Michelangelo. Iwill be the first to admit my irrational attachment to my simulated creations.

The Sims 3 University Life -- Announce Trailer - YouTube

For simmers, the release of the new University Life expansion pack is especially exciting. Now we can eschew the responsibilities of adulthood while living vicariously through our sims. The launch trailer references several new features of the EP, presented as typical aspects of the college experience. Some of these are fairly straightforward (juice stands) while some are more subtle (the new herbs, associated with the rebel social group). University Life certainly isn’t pushing any boundaries when it comes to social stereotypes; the jocks are rewarded for drinking, playing sports and having…

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