Secrets of Disneyland! (or at least the few I use consistently).

So, I’ve been going to Disneyland since I was very young, and I figured I may as well give a few of the secrets I’ve learned as a veteran.


(Marj, Anna, and me being dorks <3)

Saving Money:

  • Bring your own food into the park.  I’ve heard you can’t bring food in, but I’ve never had any trouble with bringing in bags of carrots, granola bars, edamame, sandwiches.  If nothing else, wrap it in your jacket in your bag and they’ll never see it.  This goes for water too, there are neverending water fountains at Disney, so bring your own bottle.
  • Bring containers/plastic bags.  Disney often gives you too much food when you order, and it’s always nice to have some later if you get hungry.
  • If you do find yourself without food, order a breadbowl soup and get the soup on the side.  I personally get the clam chowder, nom on that, put the breadbowl in a plastic bag with some butters that I take from the French Quarter, and munch on that whenever I find myself hungry later.
  • Bring your own camera.  This should be self-evident, but Disney charges an arm and a leg for any photos taken by them.  Either use your phone or an actual camera.  If you go on a ride that takes a photo of you, take a picture of the screen displaying it (but be careful, sometimes cast members will reprimand you for it).

Saving time:

  • Get fastpasses get fastpasses get fastpasses (did I mention fastpasses?)  These are your best friends.  You can only get one per a certain amount of time, but you can usually get a new one before you are supposed to return for the old one.  
  • Find a disneyland app for your phone.  They are usually fairly accurate on wait times and fastpass times, and will help you plan which rides to get a fastpass for.
  • If you have a selfless soul in your party, they can go get the fastpasses for a ride for everyone while the group does something else (ride, parade, etc).  All they need are your tickets.
  • It never hurts to fill in waiting between fast pass times with rides with short wait times, some of them are actually pretty cool (I’m partial to Buzz Lightyear).
  • *If* you are willing to skip fireworks and Fantasmic (which I don’t recommend), go to the tram before they let out, and you’ll have almost no line.  If you wait till after the fireworks, be ready for a loooong wait.

Things sometimes missed:

  • Fantasmic:  You’ll have to stake out seating early, but it’s so very worth it.  It’s a show on the Rivers of America with awesome lights, acting, singing, and pyrotechnics.  The fireworks usually start a little while after that ends.
  • Fireworks: I personally like watching them from Main Street or closer to the castle, the castle is always included in the show.
  • Parades: If I want to be able to sit, I’ve found that if I look for a seat about 20 minutes before the show I can find one in the shade and in the front.
  • All around you:  Just look for crowds.  There are always minishows of characters improvising.  You’ll often be included in them.  There are also live musicians who are absolutely incredible.
  • Golden Horseshoe: Hokey as heck, but always one of my favorite things to go to.  I’m very fond of Billy Hill and the Hillbillies.


  • Tomorrowland is beautiful at night, and recently has a brilliant live band
  • Look for Hidden Mickeys!
  • There is some beautiful art and miniatures in the shop on your left just as you leave the park, I highly recommend checking it out before you leave.
  • Shake the bamboo pole in the room with spikes while you are waiting in line for Indiana Jones.  Shake it HARD.
  • On that note, shake the rope that says do not shake in the room with the well.

Anyway, I’ll post more if I can ever remember them, but those are the few that were triggered from my visit yesterday.


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