Little Tokyo II, Ramen’s Revenge

This Saturday I ended up finding myself exploring Little Tokyo once again in order to complete a roll of film for photography, this time with Sam and Char.  We drove down in the late afternoon, I shot my 36, and we ended up going to Daikokuya for dinner.  I must say, it was the best ramen I’ve ever had in my entire life (sorry, Orochan :c) If you are looking for spicy, Orochan is your best bet, but if you are willing to wait for an hour and sit in a fairly crowded restaurant for some of the best food in Little Tokyo, Daikokuya is really the only place to go.


One block down right next to Weller Court I managed to find an artsy little shop with a Star Trek art exhibit at a place called Q Pop shop, and the opening night can be seen here.  It’s always cool to see fanart type stuff in real life instead of deviantart, so if you need to kill time and are feeling like a geeky hipster, that’s the place to go.  I’m always so surprised at how much is happening in the city, and it makes me wonder if maybe that’s where I want to live when I graduate (as if I’ll actually get to choose :P)



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  1. My shredded pork bowl at Daikokuyo was one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten, and this is coming from a foodie.

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