Hits on our website!

We got 68 hits on our work website yesterday, 53 of which were on the Now Hiring! page and were people following the links I posted on Facebook.  Life is exciting!  I feel so validated!  Yay social networking!

The real question is now if those people are actually going to apply…

In other news, I’m a freak who has caught the mspaint disease from Seana



About Alicen Lewis

Find me on BaiRabbit.wordpress.com! Archived Blog: Previously a summer intern for the startup incubator Idealab, during the school year I am also on the board of the Scripps College Professionals Network, Team Leader and Head Web Designer for Scripps College IT for Faculty, and President of Scripps Women in Technology. My previous experience includes working Digital New Media with Geek & Sundry, a Los Angeles Commercial YouTube company.

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