Anarchist Communist Feminist Collective in Claremont

After my queer mentor meeting, I went on a wonderful adventure with Cry to find body paint for the Spectrum party that night.  Apparently Rite Aid, CVS, and Target do not carry anything of the kind.  After 1.5 hours, we finally found a Party City which had exactly what I needed.

Although driving for 1.5 hours sucked, it was highly enjoyable to listen to Cry speak.  Ze lives in a feminist, anarchist, communist collective near Pitzer.  What this apparently means is that the group shares most everything, and often does political work together.  They also have a sister collective in Los Angeles.  All the members met during the occupy movement last year, and the Claremont one is mostly comprised of Claremont students (7 live there regularly, 10 usually occupy the house).  One lives alone in a room, 2 live together in the second room, and 4 live together in the third.  They have shared money that is spent through consensus, as well as each of them having their own money.

I was surprised at how much my idealogy matched hirs, but I think it’s mostly because ze was pulling hir punches in terms of not bashing me on the head with hir ideals.  I honestly wish I had just asked hir to tell me anything ze felt, instead of trying to get along.  Ze seems like ze has absolutely brilliant ideas, and a very different outlook on life.  Maybe I’ll ask ze to hang out sometime so I can get a more in depth glance into hir opinions.


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  1. This is the first time I’ve ever seen an English gender-neutral pronoun. Fantastic! Although a bit confusing. How do you pronounce hir?

    • There’s quite a bit of debate surrounding gender-neutral pronouns, and I’m working off what I remember ze identifying hir pgp (preferred gender pronoun, for those reading this who don’t know), but I may have mixed it up. From my memory, ze pronounced hir as ‘here’. There are others that are sometimes used, and ze is also okay with being referred to as ‘they’, but I didn’t want to make the blog post unclear.

      I wish that definitive pronouns would be chosen, I remember I was discussing it with friends, and someone suggested ‘it’. I knew they were joking, but it was a bit sad.

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