Little Tokyo Suite Bonding Trip

We started off our adventure by getting lunch in the plaza.  I highly recommend Orochon Ramen to anyone ever, especially if it’s raining.  Be prepared to ask for a 7 if you don’t like spicy, though, Marjorie asked for a 6 and decided that her digestive system was trying to kill her later that day.

Next up was mochi! You can find it pretty much anywhere, and I always like to try new flavors whenever I go. Seana and I were huge fans of the sakuramochi (pink one with the leaf), it had a kinda sweet, savory, and salty taste to it, but Anna was traumatized by it.  Luckily she cleansed her pallet with some of the simpler ones.

Obviously we couldn’t leave Little Tokyo without a visit to Kinokuniya Bookstore. I went to drop off Anna’s ramen in the car, and came back to find my suite crowded in the manga section (of course).  That place has some of the quirkiest stuff.

I also managed to get some cute photos for my b/w photography class while there:

Father and DaughterLolita and KittyFirst Meeting


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