CES 2013

This past week I attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and I learned what an industry convention is about.

Apparently robots dancing Gangam Style:SAMSUNG

Robot snakes:

Robot Trees (yes, those are laptop leaves):

and robot Felicia Day (sweetest ever)
Me:  I’m so sorry, I’m so awkward.
FD: That’s okay, I’m awkward too!  I just have to act cool for appearances


But actually, CES was one of the most incredible learning experiences.  I regret not handing out my card more often (especially to my homies who sat for 2 hours with me at the Gibson tent waiting for Felicia Day), and a few other interesting connections.  I will learn the business world eventually.

Trendwise, it seemed to be focusing on higher resolutions, more connectivity between phone, ipad, laptop, and tv, as well as a new type of connectivity of the home in general through the use of the cloud.  Many people spoke about how CES is slowly dying out, especially with Microsoft no longer present, but I personally believe it was just a slow year, and the show was more about better performance rather than any type of real innovation.

More photos of Las Vegas to come!


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