Next Semester

Anyone who’s had to register for classes at a college knows there’s nothing more terrifying than watching all the classes you want fill up as your sign-up time feels like it is millenniums away.  Luckily, 1:30 pm rolled around, all the classes I wanted had seats left, and I was ready to click away for a perfect next semester.

Jk, it turned out I was an idiot and one of my classes had prerequisites I didn’t fulfill.  I spent a frantic 30 minutes trying to find a psychology or media studies course to replace it instead of listening to the CS lecture, but it seemed like I was either underqualified for all of them, or the class was full.  Finally I happened upon the last spot in one of the broadest Art History courses I had ever heard of.  It apparently covered 200 years of technology used in art, and was simply called ‘Art and Time’.  It meant I’d have a block from 1:15 pm until 5:30 pm on Mondays with absolutely no breaks, but it was the only class that both filled my major requirements, my time constraints, and was open.

Then, the clouds parted, the angels sang, and my request to join a beginning photography course was accepted.  I AM NOW ON MY WAY TO BEING A SHUTTERBUG.  SOON I WILL BE FAMOUZ COSPURAY PHOTOG. Destiny calls 😀

For those of you who care, I’m taking Media and Social Change, Social Psychology with Lab, Industrial/Organization Psych, Beginning Photography, and Beginning Social Dance
(nothing particularly geeky?)


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