Equestria L.A. Recap

Derpin' AJHello, my name is Ali Lewis, and I am a Brony.  And to prove my street cred, I’ve included a photo (one of the few where I look decent) of my Applejack cosplay at Fanime (Yes, I have in fact dressed up like a pony from a children’s tv show. You know you’re jealous.)

Anyway, this past weekend I managed to be qualified enough to be hired (and apparently decene enough to be asked back for next con) as stage manager for the first annual My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention in SoCal, Equestria L.A.!  It was a pretty brilliant con, and to sum up my experience, you’d simply have to check out this video.  If you don’t feel like watching it, it is a swarm of bronies doing Oppa Gangam Style (eeeeey, sexy lady).  It. Was. Everywhere.  Like honestly, at least once every hour one of those would break out, whether it was in the panel room, in the hall, or in the artist’s alley.  I’ve never seen so many people come together so many times, and I really do feel like it just exemplified the sheer camaraderie of the convention.  Even thought I’ve been to 10+ conventions, I’ve never seen one that had the sheer amount of love and friendship this one possessed (cheesy-sounding, I know, but what can you do?).

God, I hope we are still friends at his bday

Probably both the highlight and the most frustrating part of my con was waiting 3 hours in line and paying $30 to get a card signed for a friend’s bday, but it turned out gorgeous, and I don’t regret an instant of it.  I also met some cool dudes and dudettes (Dave and Samantha, you guys were awesome <3).

Most everyone was ridiculously polite (except for slight sass from one of the panels, but it was funny so it was okay, and you’ll see later), and I’m crazy excited for it next spring.  Call-out to all you bronies out there, check this con out, you won’t regret it.


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